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Trekking Tours

The term mountaineering describes the sport of mountain climbing, including ski mountaineering. Hiking in the mountains can also be a simple form of mountaineering when it involves scrambling, or short stretches of the more basic grades of rock climbing, as well as crossing glaciers. While mountaineering began as attempts to reach the highest point of unclimbed big mountains it has branched into specializations that address different aspects of the mountain and consists of three (3) areas: rock-craft, snow-craft, and skiing, depending on whether the route chosen is over rock, snow or ice. All require experience, athletic ability, and technical knowledge to maintain safety. Mountaineering is often called Alpinism, especially in European languages, which implies climbing with difficulty such high, and often snow and ice-covered mountains as the Alps. A mountaineer with such great skill is called an Alpinist. The word alpinism was born in the 19th century to refer to climbing for the purpose of enjoying climbing itself as a sport or recreation, distinct from merely climbing while hunting or as a religious pilgrimage that had been done generally at that time.

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Culture Tour

Cultural tourism is the subset of tourism concerned with a country or region's culture, specifically the lifestyle of the people in those geographical areas, the history of those people, their art, architecture, religion(s), and other elements that helped shape their way of life. Cultural tourism includes tourism in urban areas, particularly historic or large cities and their cultural facilities such as museums and theatres. It can also include tourism in rural areas showcasing the traditions of indigenous cultural communities (i.e. festivals, rituals), and their values and lifestyle, as well as niches like industrial tourism and creative tourism. It is generally agreed that cultural tourists spend substantially more than standard tourists do.

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Beach Tour

Myanmar has two coasts - the Western Rakhine coast facing the Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean, and the Southern Taninthayi coast along the amerald-green Andaman Sea. The Southern coast including the reputedly stunning Myeik (formerly Mergui) Archipelago. The Western Seaboard is open to visitors for 8 months of the year, from October to May. At other times, strong winds and heavy rains batter the coast. The premier beach resort on Rakhine coast is, without a doubt, Ngapali Beach in the state of Arakan, so named, as the story goes, by a homesick Italian after a native Naples (Napoli in Italian). Since the beaches of Myanmar are where few tourists tread, they remain remarkably pristine. No loud beachside bars, no rows of suntan-oiled bodies basking in the sun and no vendors offer souvenirs.

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Adventure Tour

Adventure travel is a type of tourism, involving exploration or travel with perceived (and possibly actual) risk, and potentially requiring specialized skills and physical exertion. Adventure tourism has grown in recent decades, as tourists seek different kinds of vacations, but measurement of market size and growth is hampered by the lack of a clear operational definition. According to the U.S. based Adventure Travel Trade Association, adventure travel may be any tourist activity that includes the following three components: a physical activity, a cultural exchange and connection with nature.

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